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November 16, 2019
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Is Coaching Necessary for IAS Exam?

This is a question that haunts IAS aspirants every year. You would find a lot of people who have cleared the IAS exams all by themselves. As the topics covered are not rocket science, you could learn the topics on your own.

There’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to IAS exam preparations. For beginners, most students are clueless about the exam and its requirements. So, let’s have a general look at how things are.

Is Coaching Required?

Just as the term ‘coach’ means ‘give (someone) extra teaching’ coaching institutes are meant to teach students something extra or new. No amount of coaching can replace the hard work and self-study that a student has put in to achieve his goal.

Self-discipline, hard work and determination are the factors that help an IAS aspirant reach his destination. The portions taught in the coaching classes has to be amplified through consistency and hard work.

Always ensure to buy standard books and learn them well. Notes from coaching classes should be followed, but they shouldn’t be relied on excessively.

If you are someone who knows what standard books to learn, which notes to refer, and you can understand the subject just by reading them, the good news: you don’t need coaching.

But if you are clueless about which subjects to learn, the books needed, and the exam process, then coaching institutes are the right way for you.

Factors needed for success:

  1. Consistency: The Civil Service Exam is a year-long process that requires you to consistent and motivated every single day. The motivation can go up and down when it is in the comforts of your home. But going to classes every day will keep you involved. It also gives structure to your preparation and time needed can be arranged accordingly; utilizing it fully. Good lectures can also increase your knowledge base.
  2. Extensive coverage: It is necessary to learn standard books. But a good teacher can introduce you to tiny details and their nuances. They can give different perspectives and views on various subjects. Portions that we might miss will be covered in the institutes.
  3. Motivation: You will also be inspired by your classmates who are good sources to compete and learn with. It helps to stay alert and will also challenge you by asking for feedback on your performance.

Most coaching centers can help you revise before the exam. Optional subjects require in-depth knowledge and centers can help you to cover the subject systematically.     Test series and writing are the other areas that improve with feedback. Writing full-length tests of an actual exam and getting a critical and independent perspective will be a great game-changer.

IAS preparation can be done on your own if you are focused and highly driven. If not, use the advantage of coaching centers to the full with hard work and determination. All these ingredients together can help you attain a rank in the Civil Services rank list. To know more, call us.