Common Mistakes to Avoid while Preparing IAS Examination

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Common Mistakes to Avoid while Preparing IAS Examination

As you know by now, UPSC is all about hard work and preparation. With proper planning, dedication, consistency, and perseverance, you can ace the Indian Civil Service Exams. But, what if after all these preparations, you don’t succeed just because you didn’t pay attention to the common mistakes made by aspirants every year.

Along with the intense preparation for the exams, it is also a good idea to pay attention to the usual mistakes. Let’s have a look at them to help you avoid the customary pitfalls of the exam.

  1. Be on Track with the UPSC Syllabus

It is normally assumed that the UPSC syllabus is everything under the sun; it is not! There is a vast but prescribed syllabus and you have to stick to it diligently. If not, you will lose track, a lot of time and will end up being under-prepared. Be well-informed and thorough with the syllabus before you start the preparation.

  1. Not Including Mock Test Practice Sessions 

The extremely competitive IAS prelims exams have a negative marking system that can be overcome with thorough and dedicated preparation. The IAS mains exams are also lengthy and this too demands a good practice to be able to finish the papers in time. Have a look at the various mock practice sessions available online.

  1. Not following NCERT Syllabus

One of the basic books available for IAS preparation is NCERT books. These books explain the concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand format. Once these books are covered, students can move on to more advanced books for further reading.

  1. Poor Writing Skills

Poor writing skills will be a huge factor for the low scores attained. Aspirants are required to have good knowledge and should be able to convey the matter with fluent language in essay formats. Focus on proper writing skills and exam-oriented writing along with improving the language.

  1. One Topic, Too Many Books

The UPSC syllabus is lengthy by itself and the preparation is made worse when an aspirant refers to many books for one topic. It would be better to refer to one or two popular sources for a topic and prepare well.

  1. Not Reading the Newspapers Accurately

When reading newspapers, aspirants have to skip unwanted materials and focus on the news that’s relevant and important. They are to cover events that have figures and facts, issues that present views and reviews on contemporary subjects and leave out gossips.

  1. Not Reviewing the Papers of Previous Years and Current Affairs

Aspirants get an idea of the paper format, important topics, etc while reviewing last year’s papers. Another issue while preparation is not covering current affairs thoroughly or from the wrong sources. An important part of the exam, current affairs in the sources should be accurate and easy-to-understand.

  1. The Optional Subjects

Choosing the wrong optional subject can bring down your rank in the merit list. They should be selected with extreme care for factors such as availability of coaching, study material, etc. 

UPSC exams can be intimidating with its vast portions and time-constrain. But with proper attention and planning, you can overcome all hurdles to score a good rank in the merit list. Pay attention to the mistakes made by others and attain success by avoiding them.


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