January 16, 2019

16 January Current Affairs

Spiritual circuit in Kerala In News: Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently inaugurated a project for the development of spiritual circuit comprising three important pilgrimage centres of […]
January 15, 2019

15 January Current Affairs

Indian harvest festivals In News: The Harvest season is on and festivities have gripped the nation from the north to down south. Various festivals being celebrated […]
January 14, 2019

14 January Current Affairs

Hunar Haats In News: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley recently inaugurated Hunar Haat organised by Minority Affairs Ministry at State Emporium Complex in New Delhi. Hunar Haats: […]
January 12, 2019

12 January Current Affairs

Earth’s magnetic North Pole is moving In News: Researchers say Earth’s magnetic North Pole is ‘skittering’ away from Canada, towards Siberia. Impact on World Magnetic Model: […]