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29th June Current Affairs

Mukhyamantri Matru Pushti Uphaar announced by Tripura Government

In News:

Tripura ‘s Social Welfare and Social Education Minister has announced on 24th June 2020 that the State Government will launch an ambitious scheme named Mukhyamantri Matru Pushti Uphaar under which nutrition Kits will be provided to pregnant and lactating women.


The Central Government’s Pradhan Mantri Matru Bandana Yojana will also be applicable in the state for pregnant and lactating women.

Objective of the Scheme:

The objective of the scheme by the State Government is to combat infant and maternal mortality in the state. The nutrition Kit provided under the scheme will further help the state government in its efforts against malnutrition.

About the Scheme:

At the Primary Health Centers of the state, pregnant women would undergo periodic check-ups. The nutrition kit will be provided to them from the Primary Health Centers after the checkup. A pregnant woman will be eligible for 4 such Nutrition Kits, this Kits will be provided after periodical check-ups.

The Kit would contain food items and grocery supplies such as jaggery, ghee, soyabeans, mixed pulses, etc.

Expenses for Scheme:

Each Nutrition Kit would cost Rs 500 to the State Government. Through the scheme, at least 40,000 women would be benefited in the state every year, based on it, the State Government is expecting an expenditure of Rs 8 crore under the scheme every year.

Russia’s Energia plans to take First Tourist on Space Walk in 2023

In News:

Russian Company- S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia (also known as RSC Energia) has announced that it will take the first tourist for a spacewalk in 2023. The announcement came after RSC Energia has signed a deal with Space Adventures (space tourism company in the United States). RSC Energia is a part of the Roscosmos (Russia’s space agency).


As per the deal, two tourists will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in the year 2023 under the joint agreement of both the companies. From the end of RSC Energia, one of the two tourists will be able to do a spacewalk together with a cosmonaut from Roscosmos.

Between 2001 to 2009, Space Adventures along with the Russian Space Agency has taken eight tourists to the ISS. In 2001, Dennis Tito (a businessman from the United States) became the World’s First Private Space Explorer (first paying space tourist in the world). Since 2009, no other space tourist program has been conducted in the world. None of the space tourists to date have done a spacewalk.


The announcement came a month after SpaceX (the United States-based space transportation services and aerospace manufacturer company) broke the monopoly of the Russian space agency. Until 30th May 2020, only Russian Space Agency Roscosmos had the technology to successfully able to carry Humans to space. All Human Space Flight missions until 30th May 2020 were conducted with the help of Russian crew spacecraft Soyuz. On 30th May 2020, Falcon 9 rocket of SpaceX successfully carried two astronauts of NASA to the ISS.

SpaceX in February 2020 has also signed an agreement with Space Adventures. Under the agreement, both the companies have planned to carry a space tourism trip next year. The number of space tourists for the trip will be 3. Spacewalk for the tourists under this trip is not a part of the agreement yet.

PM launches Atma Nirbhar Uttar Pradesh Rojgar Abhiyan

In News:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a 125-day campaign on 26th June 2020 that will provide employment migrant and daily wage workers in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The campaign is called Atma Nirbhar Uttar Pradesh Rojgar Abhiyan. The campaign was launched through video conferencing in the presence of Yogi Adityanath (Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh).


It was also announced that 5000 tool kits will also be distributed under the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Initiative in the state.

The mega job scheme launched by Prime Minister today is part of the Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan that was launched on 20th June 2020 by Prime Minister himself.

The Campaign launched today will focus on providing employment in a total of 31 districts of Uttar Pradesh. There are more than 25,000 returnee migrant workers in each of the 31 districts. More than 30 lakh (3 million) migrant workers have returned in the state of Uttar Pradesh following the loss of employment in urban cities of the country after the nationwide lockdown was implemented in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the campaign, employment to migrant workers in the remaining 44 districts of the state and for other daily wage workers in the state those who require a job will also be provided.

How the Abhiyan will be implemented?

Different departments of the Central & State government have been assigned to provide under the campaign to those who need it. 25 works related to public infrastructure and for improvement of livelihood opportunities have been chosen for the campaign such as the construction of rural houses under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, plantation drives, construction of roads under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, etc.  Work will be provided based on the skill set of the workers.

Behaviour Change Campaign launched by NITI Aayog

In News:

A behaviour change campaign named ‘Navigating the New Normal’ was launched on 25th June 2020 by NITI Aayog. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a partner for the behavior change campaign.

Aim of the Campaign:

As the country is now in an Unlock phase, the aim is to develop an appropriate COVID safe behavior in the country, such as by making people adapt to wearing masks as a part of their daily routine. Until a vaccine is developed, it is essential for the citizens of the country to adopt certain behavioral changes in their day to day life by practicing hand hygiene, wearing masks, etc.

About the Campaign:

The behaviour change campaign has been designed under the guidance of the Empowered Group 6 (this Group addresses issues related to COVID-19 response activities through effective solutions and formulation of plans).

The behaviour change campaign has two parts:

  • The Web Portal (http://www.covidthenewnormal.com/): It contains behavioral norms required for being COVID-safe.
  • Media Campaign: As the pandemic has restricted the movement of people across the country, people are spending more time watching television or on the internet. The aim of the behaviour change campaign will reach millions across the country through advertisements, animation for children, virtual awareness campaigns on social networking sites, etc.


International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

In News:

In order to make societies across the world free of drug abuse, on 7th December 1987, by adopting resolution 42/112, the United Nations General Assembly declared 26th June to be observed as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.


The Theme for 2020 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking: Better Knowledge for Better Care

Focus of 2020 Theme:

For countering the impact that drug has on our societies, it is important that cross border cooperation increases among countries across the globe. This will help in restricting the negative effects of many kinds of misinformation that has caused challenges for the authorities involved in addressing the drug problem.

Drug trafficking has hindered the overall development of many developing countries over the years, as the financially weaker sections of society fall prey to various drug or trafficking networks for monetary stability in life. For countering this, understanding has to improve for which better knowledge through greater international cooperation is important for countering these negative impacts on society.

Significance of the Day in 2020:

As per the World Drug Report 2020, if 2009 data are compared to the 2018’s, there has been a 30 percent increase in the number of drug consumers across the globe. 269 million people have used drugs in 2018.

At a time of a global pandemic, the day is to encourage individuals, private sectors, non-profit organizations, and the Governments across the world to continue their efforts in raising awareness about the adverse health consequences of drugs through social media campaigns.

CM KCR launched the sixth phase of Haritha Haram Programme

By planting a sapling of a Black Plum at Medak districts Narsapur forest is on 25th June 2020, the Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrashekhar Rao has launched the sixth phase of the Haritha Haram Programme. The Chief Minister also inaugurated a 636 acre Urban Forest Park at Narsapur.

Under the sixth phase of the programme, the target has been set to plant 30 crore saplings across the state. Out of the 30 crores, 50 lakh saplings will be planted in Medak district. The large scale tree plantation programme has also generated employment in the state as the pits for the plantation of saplings are dug under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS).

Haritha Haram Programme:

The programme was launched on 3rd July 2015 by Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao. Through the programme, the Telangana state government has set a target to increase the forest cover in the state to 33 per cent from the 24 per cent (as per 2015 records) by planting a total of 230 crore saplings across the state.

As per records, a total of 182 crore saplings have been planted to date across the state. The saplings are planted across the state with the help of departments such as forest, municipal administration, Panchayati raj and rural development etc.

Vote for Constitution Reform begins as Putin looks to lead Russia until 2036

In News:

Voting for Constitution Reforms in Russia had begun amid the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The voting was originally scheduled to be conducted on 22nd April 2020 had to be rescheduled to 1st July 2020 following the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Russia. In order to maintain social distancing and prevent any sort of overcrowding, the polling stations were opened a week earlier.

About the Constitution Reform:

Vladimir Putin’s current term as the President of Russia ends in 2024. On 15th January 2020, President Putin during his annual address to the Federal Assembly has announced amendments to 14 articles under the 1993 Constitution of Russia. For introducing these amendments, he called for a nationwide referendum or a national vote.

As per the amendments, the term of the current (Vladimir Putin) and former (Dmitry Medvedev from 2008-2012) President of Russia will be reset or counted from 0 from 2024 so that either of them can be elected as the President again in 2024. At present, a person can serve as the President of Russia for a maximum of two consecutive terms. A term of the President of Russia is of 6 years.