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28th August Current Affairs

USFDA approves blood plasma treatment for COVID-19

In News:

The United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) as of late approved the utilization of blood plasma treatment for COVID-19 patients.

Different nations Plasma Therapy:

India is now utilizing plasma treatment as a fix to COVID-19. India has set up plasma banks to gather blood plasma from COVID-19 recouped patients. Aside from India, France had permitted the utilization of plasma treatment.

Australia has still held plasma treatment under clinical preliminary. The Chinese had started the plasma treatment in February 2020. Different nations, for example, UK despite everything hold plasma treatment on clinical preliminaries.

Prior utilization of Plasma Therapy:

In 2014, the World Health Organization suggested plasma treatment for Ebola infection. Additionally, plasma treatment was utilized during H1N1 episode in 2009 and furthermore during SARS pestilence in 2003.

The Plasma treatment was found by German physiologist Emil von Behring and was first utilized in 1890.

Working of plasma treatment:

Plasma is the forgotten about blood liquid after the blood segments, for example, WBC, RBC and platelets are taken out. It holds antibodies. The antibodies are created by the insusceptible arrangement of human body. Plasma holds around 55% of blood in human body.

Subsequently, by infusing plasma into a COVID-19 patient, the specialist builds measure of antibodies in his body. This expands the intensity of the insusceptible framework to battle against the illness. In the long run, the patient recuperates from COVID-19 totally.

Plasma treatment in India:

The Indian Council of Medical Research has given its endorsement to utilize plasma treatment as a therapy to COVID-19. India was first to open a plasma bank for the COVID-19 recouped patients to give their blood plasma. Today plasma banks are worked in various pieces of India in states, for example, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Odisha, West Bengal, and so forth.

Venture Platina:

It is the world biggest Convalescent Plasma Therapy Trial venture that was propelled by the State Government of Maharashtra.

Businesses with annual turnover of up to Rs 40 lakhs exempted from GST

In News:

The Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman announced that the businesses with annual turnover of up to Rs 40 lakhs are exempted from GST. Earlier the limit was Rs 20 lakhs.


The announcement was made through series of tweets on the occasion of first death anniversary of former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Also, the Finance Ministry added that those people with turnover up to Rs 1.5 crores shall opt for Composition Scheme and shall pay 1% tax.

The concessions announced are as follows:

Other Highlights:

The Ministry of Finance during the announcement mentioned the following


It is Revenue Neutral Rate. When GST came into effect, GoI expected fall in tax collection at earlier stages of its implementation as

Hence, the government has to make adjustments by increasing tax rates. This increased tax rates are called Revenue Neutral Rate.

The RNR was recommended by Subramanian Committee. The Government of India had appointed a committee under Dr Arvind Subramanian and had released a detailed report on calculation of RNR and tax structure.

Composition Scheme:

Under the scheme, the firms under a certain threshold of turnover may pay a fixed percentage of their turnover as tax. They have to fill only reduced number of returns as taxes as compared to normal tax payers.

It is a scheme for small and medium enterprises. The unique feature of the scheme is that it reduces the compliance burden. For instance, a SME might face difficulties to submit frequent returns.

Karnataka Government to assemble “Travel Homes” for Migrant Workers

In News:

The Karnataka Government is to assemble travel homes for transient laborers. The homes plan to give better day to day environments to the transient laborers. This is being propelled due to the converse relocation in Karnataka in the midst of lock down.


The task is being propelled with a motivation from “Apna Ghar” undertaking of Kerala. The normal expense of the undertaking is Rs 50 crores. The travel homes will have kitchens so the traveler laborers can prepare their own suppers. Additionally, they should pay negligible upkeep expense for their remain.

The arrangement is to construct four travel homes. Each travel home is to oblige 3,00 laborers.

Relocation in India :

Aside from relocation due to COVID-19, there are other movement in the nation. They are as per the following

The key states from where movement happens in India are UP, MP, AP, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan. The states where the travelers relocate to are Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana and Karnataka.

India comprises to 309 inner transients. This is 30% of all out populace as indicated by Census 2001. Of the all out travelers in the nation, 70% are ladies. Marriage is one of the significant purposes behind expanded female relocation.

Protected Provisions:

Article 19 gives rights to all residents to move uninhibitedly all through the nation. It likewise gives the rights to live and settle in any piece of the nation.

Inside Migration:

In India, inside movement is filled by rustic urban pay contrast and urbanization. Additionally, it is a lot more prominent than that of outside movement. Consistently December 8 is set apart as International Migrants Day.

Joined Nations:

The United Nations in 2016 embraced New York Declaration for exiles and travelers. It resolves to ensure basic liberties, respect, wellbeing and essential opportunity of all travelers paying little mind to their transient status.

Around 11 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals incorporate travelers as markers.

India-Uzbekistan hold first National Coordination Committee meeting

In News:

India and Uzbekistan held their first National Coordination Committee meeting where they talked about their reciprocal advantages, for example, exchange and venture and Line of Credit ventures.

Features :

The gathering was co-led by Indian External Affairs Minister and Uzbekistan Deputy Prime Minister. The nations have reciprocal exchange of more than 300 million USD. Pharmaceuticals is the significant territory of exchange between the nations. Additionally, clinical the travel industry has expanded between the nations in the ongoing past.

A Joint Center of Information Technology was set up in 2006 and was updated in 2014. Likewise, the Indian organizations have made appropriate interests in entertainment meccas, pharmaceuticals, car segments and neighborliness industry.

In July 2019, an IT park was built up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan with Indian help.

Dustlik: India-Uzbekistan joint military exercise

Dustlik is the military exercise led together by India and Uzbekistan. It was held without precedent for 2019 at Chirchiq Training Area of Uzbekistan. The activity concentrated on counter psychological warfare and counter rebellion in provincial and urban areas.

India-Uzbekistan military collaboration :

In 2019, India and Uzbekistan marked Memorandum of Understanding to improve military medication and military instruction ties between the military of the two nations.

For what reason is Uzbekistan essential to India?

Uzbekistan is significant for India for its uranium supplies. After Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan is the second Central Asian nation to gracefully Uranium to India. In January 2019, India and Uzbekistan consented to arrangement for long haul gracefully of Uranium to control India’s residential nuclear reactors.

Uzbekistan is the seventh biggest exporter of Uranium on the planet as per World Nuclear Association.

At present India is additionally bringing in Uranium from Canada. There are plans to import Uranium from Australia also.

Aside from the atomic fuel, China is another explanation. China has utilized Belt Road Initiative and has made advances exploiting its vital area. In this manner, it is significant for India to expand its job as a provincial player.