January 13, 2023

13th January Current Affairs

Basic Structure Doctrine (GS-II: Indian Judiciary) In News: Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar criticised the Supreme Court for using the Basic Structure Doctrine to strike down constitutional […]
January 12, 2023

12th January Current Affairs

How rising inflation could help Govt balance its fiscal maths (GS-III: Indian Economy and issues relating to Planning, Mobilization of Resources, Growth, Development and Employment) In […]
January 11, 2023

11th January Current Affairs

What is Recession? In News: According to the World Bank’s annual report, the global economy will come “dangerously close” to a recession this year, owing to […]
January 10, 2023

10th January Current Affairs

Indians abroad: History, spread, remittances (GS-II: Effect of Policies and Politics of Developed and Developing Countries on India’s interests, Indian Diaspora) In News: The PM of […]
January 9, 2023

9th January Current Affairs

Geology to unplanned construction: Decoding why Joshimath is sinking (GS-I: Important Geophysical Phenomena/Disaster Management) In News: The Uttarakhand government has banned construction work in and around […]
January 7, 2023

7th January Current Affairs

SC transfers to itself all pleas related to same-sex marriage (GS-II: Mechanisms, Laws, Institutions and Bodies constituted for the Protection and Betterment of these Vulnerable Sections) […]
January 6, 2023

6th January Current Affairs

What are the regulations govt has released to regulate online gaming in India? (GS-II: Government Policies and Interventions for Development in various sectors and Issues arising […]
January 5, 2023

5th January Current Affairs

Rubber plantations in Tripura affecting monkeys, vegetation, suggests paper (GS-I: Indian Geography) In News: The research article, Impact of Monoculture Rubber Plantation on non-Human Primates and […]
January 4, 2023

4th January Current Affairs

On the legality of Israel’s occupation (GS-II: International Relations) In News: The UNGA passed a resolution (India abstained from the vote) that asked the body’s highest […]
January 3, 2023

3rd January Current Affairs

Supreme Court upholds demonetisation: What was the challenge about? (GS-II: Government Policies and Interventions for Development in various sectors and Issues arising out of their Design […]
December 13, 2021

13th December Current Affairs

Logistics agreements and their benefits (GS-II: Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests) In News: India is all set to […]
December 11, 2021

11th December Current Affairs

6th Schedule of the Indian Constitution (GS-II: Indian Constitution- historical underpinnings, evolution, features, amendments, significant provisions and basic structure) In News: Various civil society groups in […]
December 10, 2021

10th December Current Affairs

Bills to Extend tenure of ED and CBI Chiefs (GS-II: Government Policies and issues associated) In News: Amid strong objection from the Opposition, the Lok Sabha […]
December 9, 2021

9th December Current Affairs

Nod for Ken-Betwa link project (GS-II: Government policies and issues related) In News: The Union Cabinet has approved the funding and implementation of the Ken-Betwa river […]