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June 1, 2020
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June 3, 2020
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02 June Current Affairs

“Indian National Super Model” launched by DST

In News:

Department of Science and Technology operating under Ministry of Science and Technology launched the Indian National Super Model.

The Model was launched to help monitor transmission of COVID-19 infection.


The Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) and IISc (Indian Institute of Science) are to play crucial role in the programme.

The programme will act as a common platform for the experts from different fields to come together and create a model. The model will perform rigorous tests and will practice forecast routine similar to that of the weather forecasting communities.

About the Model:

The Model will integrate mathematical and statistical forecasts. This will help in predicting the possible impacts of the spread of the disease. A consultative committee is to work closely with the experts involved in the model. The committee will provide guidance, aggregation and final delivery of the super model.

World Milk Day

In News:

Every year World Milk Day is celebrated on June 1 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The day is celebrated to bring awareness and attention to the activities associated with the diary sector.


June 1 was chosen to be celebrated as World Milk Day by the FAO in 2001. The day was chosen as several other countries were celebrating milk day on that particular day. This year, the World Milk Day is celebrated under the theme

Theme: The 20th Anniversary of World Milk Day

Controversy: World Plant Milk Day

In response to the celebrations of World Milk Day, observance of World Plant Milk Day was begun. The day is marked on August 22. It is being marked since 2017 objecting environmental impact, animal abuse and health effects associated with diary industry.


India is the largest producer of milk. According to 2011 survey, around 70% of milk samples were conformed to standards set by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).

National Milk Day:

India celebrates National Milk Day on November 26. The day is observed on November 26 as it is the birth anniversary of Verghese Kurien. He is known as Father of Milk Revolution in India. It was his idea to launch Operation Flood in India.

Operation Flood:

Operation Flood was launched in 1970. The operation aimed at doubling milk availability per person in the country. The operation also helped to generation employment in the rural sector. Through the success of the operation, India became the largest milk producer.

“George Floyd” protest

In News:

The United States is facing nation wide protests over the death of an African American George Floyd.


George Floyd, an African American man of age 46 died after the police arrested him near a shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This has created the current unrest in the country.

Mr Floyd was from Houston and has been living in Minneapolis several years. He was left jobless due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was reported to the police by a shopkeeper to have used a counterfeit currency.

People even claim that the “Black Lives Matter” movement is back

Black Lives Matter Movement:

The Black Lives Movement is an African-American movement that campaigns against violence and racism towards black people. The movement campaigns against killings of black people, police brutality, racial profiling and racial inequality in the United States. The movement began in 2013. The movement spread to Canada, Australia and Germany as well.

GoI discontinues 7.75% savings bonds

In News:

The Reserve Bank of India recently announced that the Government of India has discontinued 7.75% savings bonds.


The 7.75% savings bonds that are also called government bonds or RBI bons were issued in 2018. They were available for the resident citizens of India alone. The value of one bond was Rs 1000 and there was no maximum limit of investment. The interests of the bonds were taxed under Income Tax Act, 1961.

Apart from discontinuing savings bonds, GoI had also introduced other measures.

Other Measures:

The rates of Small Savings scheme were cut. Also, the rates of PPF were cut from 7.9% to 7.1%. On the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, the rates were cut from 8.4% to 7.6%. RBI also reduced the repo rates twice after COVID-19.

Savings Bonds:

The bonds are like guarantees provided by the GoI. On investing on these bonds, the GoI will return the amount with maturity at 7.75% interest rate. However, due to global recession, Government has now recently stopped issuing these bonds.

However, the move will deprive investors of the other saving options that provided high tax returns to the investors.

Scorpaenospsis neglecta: Rare fish found in Gulf of Mannar

In News:

The Researchers at the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute have found a rare fish from the Gulf of Mannar. The specimen was deposited at the National Marine Biodiversity Museum of Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI).


The fish is locally called Scorpion Fish for its venomous tail. When the spines in the tail pierces an individual, the venom gets injected and causes severe pain. This is the first time, the species has been found alive in the Indian waters.

Gulf of Mannar:

It is a shallow bay in the Indian Ocean between Sri Lanka and India. A Chain of low islands and reefs called Ram Sethu separates Gulf of Mannar from Palk Bay. Ram Sethu is also called Adam’s bridge. Gulf of Mannar is also called Adam’s bridge. Gulf of Mannar is a biosphere reserve.

Biosphere Reserve:

There are 18 Biosphere reserves in India. Biosphere reserves protect larger area than that of animal sanctuary and national park. The list of Biosphere Reserves in India are as follows

  • Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
  • Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve
  • Gulf Of Mannar
  • Nokrek
  • Sundarbans
  • Manas
  • Simlipal
  • Dihang-Dibang
  • Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve
  • Achnakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve
  • Great Rann of Kutch
  • Cold Desert
  • Khangchendzonga
  • Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve
  • Great Nicobar
  • Dibru-Saikhowa
  • Seshachalam Hills
  • Panna

PM Modi launches “My Life My Yoga”

In News:

PM Modi launched “My Life My Yoga”, a video blogging contest. The contest is to be conducted as a joint effort of Ministry of AYUSH and ICMR (Indian Council of Cultural Research).


The contest is being launched to inspire people to participate in the sixth International Day of Yoga (IDY) that is to be celebrated in 21st June, 2020. Any participant from the world can take part in the contest.

In order to participate in the contest, the participants have to upload 3 minutes video on yogic practices such as Asana, Kriya, Bandha, Pranayama or Mudra. The participants should also include the message how yogic practices influenced their lives.

First, Second and third prizes of worth Rs 1 lakh, Rs 50,000 and Rs 25,000 have been announced.


India has taken several measures to make people in India and all over the world to adopt yogic practices. India also took Yoga to United Nations in 2014. A resolution was brought in and International Day of Yoga is being celebrated on June 21, 2015 since then.

New Asteroid discovered near Jupiter

In News:

Astronauts have recently discovered a rare space object. The object looks like both asteroid and comet. The new space object is called Active Asteroid


The asteroid has been named 2019 LD2. It has an orbit like an asteroid and a tail like a comet. The 2019 LD2 shares the orbit of Jupiter and is a part of the asteroid swarm called Jupiter Trojans.

The space object found is the first that emits gas just like a comet.

The asteroid was discovered by the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS).

The Findings:

The discovery has also provided evidence that the Jupiter Trojans have large amounts of ice beneath their surfaces. So far, there was no evidence for presence of ice beneath their surface.

How did the tail form?

The unique tail that makes the asteroid look like comet, according to the researchers is probably because of collision. The collision should have led to gas leak from the ice cracking and forming the tail.

Active Asteroids:

Active Asteroids are celestial bodies that look like comet and have asteroid like orbit. The first active asteroid discovered was Elst Pizarro.