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August 31, 2020
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September 2, 2020
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01st September Current Affairs

India opts out of Kavkaz 2020

In News:

India recently announced its withdrawal from the International Military Exercise to be held in Russia. The exercise is to be held between September 15, 2020 and September 26, 2020.


The Kavkaz exercise if to be held in Astrakhan, a southern province in Russia. The member countries if Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Central Asian countries are to participate in the exercise. Around 20 countries are expected to participate in the exercise.

The exercise is also called as the War Games or the Caucasus. The Caucasus or Caucasia is a region between Caspian Sea and the Black sea. It is mainly occupied by Azerbaijan, Armenia, south western Russia and Georgia.

In June 2020, India participated in the victory Day parade that was held in Moscow to mark the 75th anniversary of World War II.

Why the sudden withdrawal?

Earlier, India had agreed to participate in the exercise. However, India has now withdrawn its contingent to the exercise due to COVID-19 reasons. However, experts believe that Chinese participation in the exercise is the major reason.


The SCO is seen as a counter weight to the NATO. The SCO has now emerged as one of the largest transregional organization that accounts to 44% of the world population stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic sea and from the Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean.

NATO is North Atlantic Treaty that consists of 30 member states from North America and Europe.

Exercises between India and Russia:

The INDRA Naval Exercise is being conducted between India and Russia since 2003. It boosts cooperation between the navies of the countries.

Aviaindra Air Force Exercise is being conducted since 2014. The TSENTR is a multi-lateral exercise that forms a part of annual training cycle of the Russian Armed Forces.

Delimitation Panel to visit four NE states and Jammu and Kashmir

Why in News:

The Delimitation Panel that was set up to redraw electorates of Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir is to visit the states the Union Territory to set up a wide structure of delimitation work out.


The Delimitation Panel will redraw the bodies electorate dependent on the 2011 evaluation. It will likewise take a shot at expanding the gathering seats of Jammu and Kashmir dependent on its Reorganization Act. The Delimitation Panel was set up in March 2020 under the initiative of Supreme Court Justice Ranjana Desai (retd).

What is Delimitation?

Delimitation is the demonstration of fixing cutoff points to the limits of regional supporters. It is basic to give reasonable division of geological zones to forestall favorable position of one – ideological group over the other. Likewise, delimitation will give equivalent portrayal to rise to fragments of individuals.

Sacred arrangements of Delimitation:

Article 82 states that the Parliament will institute Delimitation Act after each registration. The Article 170 states that the States will be isolated into regional bodies electorate as indicated by the Delimitation Act after each evaluation.

The Delimitation Act was authorized in 1952. Up until this point, four delimitation commissions have been set up in 1952, 1963, 1973 and 2002. There was no delimitation after 1981 and 1991 registration.

About Delimitation Commission:

The Delimitation Commission is selected by the President of India in meeting with the Election Commission of India. The individuals from Delimitation Commission are a Retired Supreme Court Judge, Chief Election Commissioner and the particular State Election Commission. In the event of distinction of feeling, assessment of the dominant part wins. The Delimitation Commission is one of the significant level bodies in India whose choices can’t be addressed in a court.

Previous Delimitation:

In 2009, 499 out of 543 Parliamentary Constituencies were delimited.

For what reason is Delimitation significant?

It is critical to give equivalent portrayals to all populace everything being equal. Likewise, it is fundamental to distinguish held seats for Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes.

India to begin offering cycle of securing six submarines

In News:

The Indian Navy is to gain 24 new submarines. This is being done to reinforce India’s submerged battling abilities. India is to dispatch the offering cycle of obtaining these submarines in September 2020.


The submarines are to be implicit India. Of these six are atomic assault submarines and are to be worked at an expense of Rs 55,000 crores. The Mega Project has been named P-75 I.

The Defense Ministry has just chosen the five protection majors for the venture. They are

The over five majors will assemble the boats in India under the Make in India activity. Indian Navy right now has 15 traditional submarines and two atomic submarines.


The submarines are essential to reinforce the quality of Indian Navy, particularly in the Indian Ocean Region. The Indian Ocean is the patio of Indian Navy and is imperative to the key interests of India.

The Indian Navy is centering to fortify its capacities to counter China’s developing endeavors to build military nearness in the district. China has 50 submarines and around 350 boats. It is relied upon that China is to have 500 ships and submarines in next eight to ten years. Thusly, it is significant for India to fortify its Navy to counter China.

What is the arrangement?

The Indian Navy is securing 57 transporter borne warrior planes, 111 Naval Utility Helicopters and 123 multi-job helicopters. As of late, India restricted the import of 101 military things, for example, voyage rocket, sonar frameworks, battle helicopters, ordinary submarines so as to support indigenous creation of protection things in the nation.

In May 2020, the Government declared that the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the protection division is being expanded from 49% to 74%. It is normal that Indian military will spend around 130 billion USD in capital acquirement in the following five years.

Way forward:

The Defense Ministry has define an objective of accomplishing 25 billion USD in safeguard producing in the following five years. This is proportional to Rs 1.75 lakh crores. Additionally, it has set an objective of accomplishing Rs 35,000 crores of guard sends out.

India First Policy of Sri Lanka

In News:

The Foreign Secretary Jayanth Colmbage of Sri Lanka recently shared about Sri Lanka’s inclinations towards India Fist Policy.


The Strategic Security Policy of Sri Lanka will have “India First” approach. This will change its Geo-political circumstances with China. China is attempting to practice predominance over the island country for its key area in the Indian Ocean Region.

With India First Policy Sri Lanka reports that however it is available to major financial arrangements with different nations, India will be first with regards to its key security.

Safeguard Cooperation among India and Sri Lanka:

India and Sri Lanka direct joint military exercise called the “MITRA SHAKTI”. Additionally, they direct a joint Naval Exercise called “SLINEX”. India is presently giving protection preparing to Sri Lankan powers. In 2019, the nations consented to arrangements to counter Drug and Human Trafficking in the Indian Ocean Region.

A tri-parallel oceanic security collaboration understanding was marked between India, Maldives and Sri Lanka to improve observation, lessen sea contamination and hostile to robbery tasks.

International Significance of Sri Lanka:

The area of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean Region has been of key international importance the significant forces on the planet. This is all around extended in the accompanying understandings

Triconmalee was the significant port of British Royal Navy during Second universal war.

China is as of now constructing gigantic current ports in the Indian Ocean. One such is situated in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. The other enormous current Chinese ports are situated in Gwadar (Pakistan), Kyauk Phru (Myanmar) and Chittagong (Bangladesh).


Sri Lanka is an individual from BIMSTEC and SAARC. Sri Lanka was for some time been in international circle of India. Notwithstanding, its relationship with China is releasing its hold with India.